Hitting Your Target Credit Score


You did it! You made the decision to build your credit and to take control of your financial freedom!

With that firm decision in mind, let’s talk about reaching the score that you desire. The reality is, with the tools we will provide here, you can reach your desired target.

Though it may seem like hitting a target of 850 is unreachable, it’s not when the vital components are active.  In previous blogs, we talked about the three vital components: discipline, dedication, and commitment.  These are essential in hitting our financial credit targets. At Empowering the Possibilities we want to provide value to your financial journey by offering the tools to help you master the credit rehabilitation process. Then, we will proceed in discovering what it will take to hit the 850 credit score bullseye.

Ready to begin the discovery? In just a few weeks, in October, we will host a live webinar with a Q&A segment geared toward providing answers to any financial/credit questions you may have. It would be great to answer any additional questions you may have, there. To get your questions answered, live, you can subscribe to this blog and we will send an email with all the details. There is no cost to you. The information is free. Below is a sample of some of the questions you can expect to hear answered:

  1. What is a credit score and why is it so important?
  2. Does income matter?
  3. Does my payment history matter?
  4. Does new credit hurt my score?
  5. What is a hard credit pull?
  6. What is a soft credit pull?

Once subscribed, you may submit any questions you have and they will be addressed in the October webinar (the date will be confirmed via email).

Looking forward to answering your questions there!

Credit Scores Matters


Building Credit is like Building a House

person holding pen point on blueprint
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When it comes to building credit, we want to remind you to think of a blueprint. Your blueprint is your plan, if you will, for success. It serves as a model for providing guidance and details. In that plan is all the details for successfully supporting, strengthening and building your credit.  Just as with building a house, you need a blueprint to build your credit. As the foundation has been laid you can now start the process of putting all of the core pieces together.

The beauty of having a blueprint is that it makes all the steps simpler and it makes sure that there is alignment in bringing you toward your goal. The blueprint keeps you on course and is a surefire way to check yourself to make sure that you are moving deliberately and intentionally toward your goal of financial freedom.

If you want to get to an 850 credit score, continue your journey with rehabilitation.credit and you will see results without having to get deep in debt trying to build or re-build. Successfully building your credit is a journey that you will need to keep traveling and rehabilitation.credit will continue on the journey with you via seminars, webinars,  conferences and, of course, direct credit counseling. The reality is, the need for understanding and properly maintaining your credit will always be, so that you are never blindsided by it. It takes time, diligence and focus to manage it effectively. Interestingly enough, credit itself can be seen as an onion. There are layers and layers to it, and just when you think you have gotten to the core, there is another layer to be uncovered.



The How and Why of Bad Credit

Hi everyone! This is not my usual blog about credit an credit scores, but I do feel this is a conversation that I need to share with my readers.

I was talking with someone today and as usual, I was talking with them about their credit and looking to share ways to empower them financially. This young lady informed me that she had recently paid someone $500 to repair her credit as she was trying to purchase a vehicle. She then continued to share that, indeed, her credit was repaired and she was able to purchase the vehicle. Interestingly, she said, after six months she was back in the same position she was in before, and she wanted to know why and how this could be possible.

It was at this point that I told her the why she was at this point was because she needed to go through a rehabilitation process, and how it happened was because she went overboard with all the new credit she was able to get once her credit score went up.

Now I believe we know that the minute creditors see that you have a high score, (i.e., 600 or more) they will start flooding you with credit card offers. These offers seem great, at first glance, but for individuals who have not gone through a rehabilitation process, it is easy to immediately fall prey to these enticing offers.

Now you may ask, how can rehabilitating my credit benefit me? To provide a beneficial answer, let us first define rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the act of restoring to health or normal life by training and therapy after a period of disfavor. Here at rehabilitation.credit we will walk with you to help you understand the why’s of what we do that cause us to get back into unfavorable financial situations. The goal here is to provide you with the insights needed to never make poor financial decisions again. Ever!

Now, if you’ve never made these type of financial missteps and this does not apply to you, that’s great. But if this does apply to you or someone you know, please don’t hesitate to contact us at rehabilitation.credit and we will contact you within 24 hours to begin the process of assessing your situation and guiding you toward financial freedom. If the idea of financial freedom sounds important to you, please contact us today.

Step 4: Retrieving your credit report

We have gone through the 1st 3 steps of growing your credit, by being disciplined, dedicated and committed, now it’s time to know and understand your credit by getting your free credit report from credit karma.com or freecreditreport.com.

Once you have retrieved your credit report analyze it very carefully and start the process of cleaning your report up and start setting your credit score goal.

Please contact us for any questions you may have regarding your credit reports.Building-Your-Credit_Leaf-by-Leaf_2

The Power of Knowledge

Image result for knowledge is power

We have all heard the expression, knowledge is power, and most people would agree that this true. But did you know that your credit growth is dependent upon the knowledge you have, as well?

Now that you have gone through the three steps of discipline, dedication, and commitment, the next financially-empowering information that you need to know is what does your credit look like and what is needed to improve it.

Knowledge is another leaf on the tree of growing your credit. For starters, did you know there is both bad credit and good credit? In this day and age, and in these economic times, it is essential to know whether certain information/records on your credit report should be considered good or bad, But knowing the difference between the two is not enough. Once you know how your credit reads to lenders and institutions, you will know how to make the corrections to move your credit from bad to good. Notice this–if every one of these steps, you have the power to control the outcome. Restructuring and rebuilding your credit is completely doable, and completely within your control once you apply the knowledge being shared with you here.

It’s been said that ignorance is bliss, but I dare say it’s also costly! When you don’t know what’s going on with your credit, you leave your self open to being blindsided. In essence, you lose control and you lose the opportunity to have a strong and stable financial future. Indeed, a little knowledge goes a long way. 

Finding this information helpful? There is more like this right at our website: http://www.rehabilitation.credit